DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

  • How to Improve the Thermal Insulation of Your Home

    Due to the perils of climate change, many of us are taking steps to reduce our carbon footprints. Chief among these measures — for homeowners, at least — is reducing the amount of energy that is lost from the home because of inadequate insulation. Thermal coverings of many kinds are fitted to newly built dwellings these days and many of them can be easily retro-fitted to existing homes, too. If you are undertaking any DIY project or renovating a section of your home, then consider the following ecologically sound building supplies.

  • Why Housing Developers Are Going Crazy for Vinyl Cladding

    Vinyl cladding, also known as vinyl siding, isn't anything new; in fact, it has been around since the 1950s. However, when the 1970s rolled around, the vinyl-cladding industry improved the formula and technique production, which gave rise to higher-impact resistance, faster production speeds, and a broadened colour range. What makes vinyl cladding better that normal weatherboards, for instance? There isn't anything wrong with weatherboards, of course; they are naturally an economical and sturdy choice for millions of properties all over the world.

  • Three Types of Building Inspection to Consider Before Buying a Property

    Before purchasing a property, it's essential to make sure that you have full details on the condition of the building and are able to identify any issues. This ensures that you won't be caught out by any unpleasant surprises after you've paid. There are three key types of building inspection which you should consider, depending on the type of property you're purchasing. For older buildings, an asbestos inspection is essential. Asbestos can be extremely dangerous when not dealt with properly, so you need to know exactly where in the building it's located, and what condition it's in.

  • Three Tips for Making Your New Home as Energy Efficient as Possible

    Whether you're working with professional home planners or designing an entirely new place for you and your family on your own, considering how you can make the end product as energy efficient as possible is important for a number of reasons. Not only would adopting an energy smart household be better for Australia's increasingly hot and fragile ecosystems, but implementing measures to reduce your energy consumption now will save you thousands in energy costs years down the line.

  • Timber vs. PVC Door Frames: Which Is the Ideal Option for Your Exterior Doors?

    The choice between timber and PVC door frames is one that many homeowners have to make when renovating or upgrading their exterior doors. Both materials have excellent performance and are readily available and affordable; therefore, making a choice between them can be daunting for many people. To make the process easier, here is a detailed comparison between these two materials that will help you make the ideal choice for your home.

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DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

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