DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

  • Gravestone Options: Modern Advancements and Guidelines on Creative Ways You Can Honour Your Loved One

    Gravestones are a great way to create a long-lasting reminder of a hero in your life. Your hero could be a colleague, family member or mentor, and you can choose from the gravestone options available to make a bold statement. The tips below on modern gravestone options can help you to easily identify a creative way to honour your hero. Full monuments for a grand statement   A full memorial is one of the most conspicuous gravestones.

  • Primary Considerations When Constructing Internal Stairs

    Whether you are constructing a split-level residence of a multi storey home, internal stairs would be a crucial structural element for your property. But this does not mean that you should leave your choice of stairs up to your contractors simply because this is not your area of expertise. Knowing what to bear in mind when deciding on internal stairs makes you better placed at constructing a stairway that will not only be functional but can act as a centrepiece inside your residence!

  • 3 Contemporary Balustrade Ideas Which Will Transform Your Dated Internal Staircase

    Balustrades on internal stairs play a vital part in creating a safe and secure environment. They also play a big role in the aesthetics of your home, and dated and older style balustrades can be a detrimental feature. Updating your balustrades is a simple and inexpensive way to transform your staircase into a striking and modern space. Here are three contemporary ideas for balustrades that you might like to try in your home.

  • Unique brick laying patterns

    If you are wanting to build a brick wall with a unique touch, never fear. Here are some fun and unique brick laying patterns that will add some interest to your next brick laying project without dramatically increasing the budget or time frame for the job. Here are some brick laying patterns that can worth considering: Flemish pattern  In the Flemish pattern, one course has all brick laid lengthways, while the alternating course has a lengthways then width brick.

  • Cladding Renovations: Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Cladding

    It is an unfortunate fact of life that the same reasons that make it vital to invest in exterior cladding are the same reasons that will inevitably decrease the performance of your cladding. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, inclement weather, high winds and a host of changing weather elements will eventually cause your cladding to deteriorate. It is essential to be wary of the signs of impending cladding renovations in order to ensure that it is repaired or replaced before the walls of your structure also become affected by the ambient climatic conditions.

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DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

I had to save for many years to buy my first home. When I did finally put in an offer, it was for a property which was old and needed a lot of repair work. I didn’t have a lot of money to pay contractors to carry out the work, so my partner and I had to teach ourselves how to replace damaged flooring, repair the roof and to install drywall. It took many months, but we now live in a beautifully restored house. I love the feeling of getting in from work, walking through the door and knowing that I own this house. I decided to start a blog to help other people who are restoring their homes.