DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

Timber vs. PVC Door Frames: Which Is the Ideal Option for Your Exterior Doors?

Cecil Bryant

The choice between timber and PVC door frames is one that many homeowners have to make when renovating or upgrading their exterior doors. Both materials have excellent performance and are readily available and affordable; therefore, making a choice between them can be daunting for many people. To make the process easier, here is a detailed comparison between these two materials that will help you make the ideal choice for your home.

Long term appearance

The appearance of your door's frames can influence the overall look of the entire door. Timber is a natural material which has a warm look that cannot be achieved with PVC, which is clinically finished plastic. When properly maintained, finished and treated, timber can retain its natural beauty for many years. As long as you have the right quality wood for your door frame, its durability will be assured.

PVC is also a durable and affordable material for door frames. However, if you want to achieve a natural look and be able to refinish and treat your frames to give them a fresh look, timber is the ideal option for you.

Finishing options

The different types of finishes available on the market allow you to transform your exterior timber door frames and refresh their look. It is possible to match or contrast the door and frame colors to create the wow factor. Timber can be finished using different patterns and designs to give your exterior door frames a dramatic look. During your home remodeling project, you can entirely change the color of your timber frames to make them look new.

On the other hand, you can paint on PVC, but the paint doesn't adhere as well as timber. It is also prone to flaking, and this can degrade the appearance of your exterior door. To achieve a proper finish, you may require specialized painting equipment such as spray painting tools and stains. Painting a PVC door is not an ideal DIY project.

Environmental sustainability

With the increased awareness of the need to use sustainable building materials, you may be thinking about making your home green. If this is the case, timber that is obtained from sustainable sources is the ideal choice for your doors and door frames. Timber has a long lifespan, and it can be put to different uses at the end of your door's usable life.

PVC is a recyclable material as well, but it has reduced recycling opportunities. Since it is made of plastic, which is non-biodegradable, it is not considered an environmentally friendly material.

It is evident that timber makes a better material for your door frames as compared to PVC. Once you have made a choice, make sure that the frames are professionally installed so that you can get the most value from them.


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DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

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