DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

3 Benefits of Using Safety Goggles

Cecil Bryant

If you need to protect your workers' eyes, then you might not be sure whether to buy safety glasses or goggles. While both products have protective advantages, you might find that goggles are a better all-around solution. Why?

1. Get a Safer Fit

You wear safety glasses like regular glasses. They have a bridge or pads to hold them on the nose and arms to hook them over the ears. While these glasses protect the eyes, they only work if they are in the right position.

Sometimes, glasses can move out of place or even fall off. If the arms aren't securely positioned over the ears, then they won't sit in the right place. If the bridge or pads slip down the nose, then the lenses might not cover the entire eye area. If something hits the glasses, then they might fall off.

Safety goggles are a more secure solution. They are secured by a strap. The strap attaches to the sides of the goggles. It goes completely over the head. So, goggles are less likely to move out of position or to fall off the face. They fit more securely.

2. Get More Comfortable Eyewear

People don't always find safety glasses comfortable to wear. These products are often rigid. They might pinch the nose. Some people also don't like the pressure that the arms put on their heads around their ears.

Plus, if you get hot and sweaty, then the glasses might slip down. If you constantly have to push them back up, then they become an irritant and a distraction.

Safety goggles are usually more comfortable to wear. Their straps hold them in place. You can also adjust the strap to make it fit securely but comfortably around your head. Once you get used to wearing goggles, you'll hardly notice that they are there.

3. Get One-Size-Fits-All Eye Protection

Standard safety glasses might not fit all your workers in exactly the same way. They might be too big for some people and too small for others. For the best protection and comfort, you need a precise fit here.

If you buy safety eye goggles, then all your workers can get a good fit. They can adjust their strap to fit the exact size of their head and face. You can buy in bulk with the confidence that the goggles will fit everyone who needs to wear them.

To find out more about goggles and to get advice on the best products for your workplace, contact safety equipment providers.


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