DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

Brick Laying Tools You Will Need for Your DIY Project

Cecil Bryant

Bricklaying is more than a building method. It is a craft, one that delivers exceptional results when done correctly. The material suffices for many projects that you may want to take on in your home. From building walls to granny flats and exterior paving, brick's qualities always live up to the standards expected of them. The material is low maintenance and weatherproof, an endearing attribute that helps brick stand the test of time. Additionally, brick is energy efficient. It combines well with passive building designs and adds lots of thermal insulating.

If you want to take on a bricklaying project, here are the tools you must-have for your do-it-yourself undertaking:

Brick Trowels

The brick trowel is the backbone of your bricklaying project. The size varies between nine to thirteen inches based on the length of the trowel blade's underside. To be safe, you are better off with a brick trowel that you can control easily as you work your way towards what the experts use. Start with a small version that carries small amounts of mortar. It keeps you from wasting mortar, as you have better control of the trowel.

Take note of the shape on both sides of your trowel. The straight side is for cutting off any excess mortar while the rounded side is for trimming down the sides of your bricks. Right- and left-handed trowels have these sides reversed so make sure you get a trowel that matches your handling habits.

Club Hammer and Bolster Chisel

The club hammer also goes by the name lump hammer. You need it for small demolition tasks to knock things down and clear the way for new bricks. You can also use the hammer to remove bricks that have not gone on correctly. Usually, the club hammer works in conjunction with a bolster chisel. The work of the bolster chisel is to cut your bricks to the desired length so that they fit wherever you need to install them. Refrain from using the same chisel to cut into concrete or other related tasks. Get a separate chisel for such works.

Brick Hammer

A brick hammer has two heads. One head has a square flat face, and you need it to hammer nails and fasteners into the brick structure. The other head has a sharp blade that you will use to chop sections of the brick to ensure that the brick has a regular shape.

Spirit Level

How do you ensure a perfectly vertical and horizontal alignment of your brick walls? Well, a spirit level helps with all that. There is a vial of yellowish-green liquid that helps you ensure that your surfaces are level instead of veering more to one side. 

If you need further assistance, be sure to contact local bricklayers


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DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

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