DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

Gravestone Options: Modern Advancements and Guidelines on Creative Ways You Can Honour Your Loved One

Cecil Bryant

Gravestones are a great way to create a long-lasting reminder of a hero in your life. Your hero could be a colleague, family member or mentor, and you can choose from the gravestone options available to make a bold statement. The tips below on modern gravestone options can help you to easily identify a creative way to honour your hero.

Full monuments for a grand statement  

A full memorial is one of the most conspicuous gravestones. If you intend to honour your hero with a bold statement, then you may want to consider a full memorial as a first option. A full monument consists of kerbing, a slab, the gravestone and the foundation or base. Remember that full stone memorials consume a lot of materials and require substantial stonework, so it's advisable that you get an all-inclusive cost estimate beforehand.

Creative options for cremation stone memorials

Often, people scatter the ashes of their loved ones in the sea or in memorial parks. However, if you want a permanent memorial that serves as a remembrance fixture for your hero, then you may want to consider stone cremation memorials.

For instance, a cremation bench is one option that can work well for you. Normally, cremation benches are elaborate stonework monuments that can fit several urns. Consult a cremation stonework expert who may help you choose the best cremation bench or monument that matches your preference.

Low-cost memorial stones to fit your budget

If you have a limited budget, then you can opt for a humble gravestone design. For instance, if you would prefer a type of gravestone similar to a full memorial, then you can opt to combine a flower garden and stone wall. The design of a retaining wall and a flower bed in the middle requires less stonework, which can significantly lower your budget.

Otherwise, if your budget cannot cater for large-scale stonework, you may want to opt for a grave marker. For instance, you can choose a flush marker, in which case your mason will construct the marker flat on the grave area. Markers can be made from different materials, including sandstone, marble or granite. It's best that you consult a professional gravestone mason for advice on the best material to use for your marker.

If you want the memory of your hero cast in stone, then investing in a gravestone is a great option you may want to consider. The tips above on up-to-date gravestone options can help you identify an ideal gravestone that matches your preferences.


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