DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

  • Three Tips for Making Your New Home as Energy Efficient as Possible

    Whether you're working with professional home planners or designing an entirely new place for you and your family on your own, considering how you can make the end product as energy efficient as possible is important for a number of reasons. Not only would adopting an energy smart household be better for Australia's increasingly hot and fragile ecosystems, but implementing measures to reduce your energy consumption now will save you thousands in energy costs years down the line.

  • Timber vs. PVC Door Frames: Which Is the Ideal Option for Your Exterior Doors?

    The choice between timber and PVC door frames is one that many homeowners have to make when renovating or upgrading their exterior doors. Both materials have excellent performance and are readily available and affordable; therefore, making a choice between them can be daunting for many people. To make the process easier, here is a detailed comparison between these two materials that will help you make the ideal choice for your home.

  • Line Marking: A Guide for Commercial Premises

    If you maintain a large commercial building that has a large parking lot, you will want to have the correct line-marking equipment available. Line-marking equipment will allow you to paint a layout to control the flow of traffic and repaint faded dividing lines and stop warnings if they fade. Line-marking machines and stencils are the easiest way to apply paint to the road surfaces of your commercial premises. However, there is a range of line-marking machines available.

  • Get Rich (Not So) Quick: Land Subdivision

    There's no doubt about the lucrative nature of the property market. Returns from property investments seldom disappoint and land sub-division is increasingly being used as an avenue for increasing these returns. It sounds simple enough that you can buy a parcel of land, subdivide it into two or three lots and sell each lot individually. While not entirely impossible, here are the pre-requisites for a profitable sub-division. Council Approval Sub-division of land is prohibited in certain areas.

  • Do you need to install both fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers?

    Protecting your home from a fire hazard is a must-take precaution. One can either install fire safety equipment during construction of the premises or upgrade to better equipment as time goes by. In order to meet both local and state fire standards, your aim should be protecting employees, assets and the entire business premise. In this regard it is important to have a complete fire protection system in place. This system can entail having either fire extinguishers or fire sprinklers in place.

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DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

I had to save for many years to buy my first home. When I did finally put in an offer, it was for a property which was old and needed a lot of repair work. I didn’t have a lot of money to pay contractors to carry out the work, so my partner and I had to teach ourselves how to replace damaged flooring, repair the roof and to install drywall. It took many months, but we now live in a beautifully restored house. I love the feeling of getting in from work, walking through the door and knowing that I own this house. I decided to start a blog to help other people who are restoring their homes.