DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

Line Marking: A Guide for Commercial Premises

Cecil Bryant

If you maintain a large commercial building that has a large parking lot, you will want to have the correct line-marking equipment available. Line-marking equipment will allow you to paint a layout to control the flow of traffic and repaint faded dividing lines and stop warnings if they fade. Line-marking machines and stencils are the easiest way to apply paint to the road surfaces of your commercial premises. However, there is a range of line-marking machines available. Below is a guide that will help you to choose the line-marking machine that is right for you. 

Two- and four-wheeled line-marking machines

Line-marking machines typically have two or four wheels. Four-wheeled machines provide added stability that makes it easier to follow long line stencils. However, machines with four wheels can be harder to manoeuvre around tight corners. If you wish to mark off smaller aisles to indicate where pedestrians should walk or to work around corners, you should consider investing in a two-wheeled machine.

Rolls and nozzles

Some machines use rolls of vinyl tape in order to mark lines on the road. While these rolls of vinyl are ideal for temporary line marking, the tape is easily lifted from the surface of the road when exposed to vehicle traffic or severe weather conditions such as high temperatures or heavy rain. Even foot traffic from pedestrians may damage the tape by causing the edges to lift.

Machines that use nozzles to spray paint onto the stencil offer a clean, crisp and permanent road marking. However, you should inquire with the road-marking machine-hire company about the right size of nozzle for you. The size of the nozzle will depend upon the type of paint you wish to use, as thicker paints cannot be used with smaller nozzles without frequent blockages.

Handgun attachments

You may also wish to consider investing in a handgun accessory for your line-marking machine. A handgun attachment can allow you to create versatile road markings such as arrows, letters and disabled space signs. A handgun attachment will also enable you to quickly touch up and repair damaged lines without your having to repaint them completely.

If you would like further information about line-marking machines, you should contact a professional line-marking machine company. The contractors will be able to discuss your needs before recommending the right line-marking machine for your commercial premises. After you make a decision about what you want based on their advice, you and the company can get to work. 


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