DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

Hop, Don't Skip And Then Hire

Cecil Bryant

Many people enjoy singing in the shower as it gives them the much-needed kick start for a long day ahead. Thus, a bathroom refit provides the opportunity for you to transform your de-facto 'studio' into a paradise of sorts.

This activity is bound to generate significant quantities of waste that you need to take care of during and even after the refit of your bathroom. Here is a three-step guide that you should follow when looking for rental skip bins for the renovation exercise.

Hop Around

You're spoiled for choice with regards to the number of companies that offer rental skip bins. These bins are available in various sizes including mini-skips, midi-skips and maxi skips. Mini-skips are often between 2 and 3 yards long while midi-skips range between 4 and 5 yards in length. Unless you have a really big bathroom, a mini or midi-skip will have the capacity to handle the quantity of waste generated during renovation.

Bin hire companies have different charges for rental skips of similar size. Considering that the cost of bathroom renovation could be relatively high, it's a good idea to hop around as you compare rental rates from several companies before you commit to hire a bin from one of them.

Don't Skip The Permit(s)

In the real sense, you could complete the renovation exercise without the need for a permit. This is on condition that the renovation exercise won't tamper with the overall structural integrity of your house and that your rental skip bin will be stationed within your property during the entire renovation exercise.

If those two conditions are not met, you'll need to get a building approval permit and/or a permit for placing skip bins in a public area. Both permits are issued by your local council, and there are requisite fees prescribed for the issuance of both permits.

Hire The Right Company

The right bin hire company is not necessarily the one that offers the most affordable rate for rental skips. Consider that not all companies will dispose of your trash after the renovation exercise. In such a case, the company's involvement in the renovation exercise is limited to delivery of the bin and for picking it up once you've emptied the trash.

Would you rather pay more for the rental bin and forget about trash disposal or pay less for the bin and dispose waste from the renovation exercise on your own?


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DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

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