DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

Do you need to install both fire extinguishers and fire sprinklers?

Cecil Bryant

Protecting your home from a fire hazard is a must-take precaution. One can either install fire safety equipment during construction of the premises or upgrade to better equipment as time goes by. In order to meet both local and state fire standards, your aim should be protecting employees, assets and the entire business premise. In this regard it is important to have a complete fire protection system in place. This system can entail having either fire extinguishers or fire sprinklers in place. Below are the individual advantages of each fire protection system and why you need both or one for your business.

Fire Sprinkler System Protection

It is impossible to be at your workplace all the time. Having a fire protection system that will keep your premise safe irrespective of the time is definitely a good idea. Although various state and agency laws define standards on the types of companies that require sprinkler systems, deciding to install a fire sprinkler system should come after proper analysis. A fire sprinkler system assists in reducing downtime, injury and damage to your business. It is ultimately preferable to be prepared for a fire emergency rather than counting loses.

Fire Extinguisher Protection

Fire extinguishers are your immediate defence in the event of a fire hazard. They are capable of extinguishing small fires that may eventually culminate into overwhelming destruction. Therefore, you should adhere to local fire codes as stipulated by local authorities and have fire extinguishers regularly inspected and renewed throughout the building.  

Which of the two is the best option?

Supposing your business premises experience a dip in water pressure, the system water pipes may not contain enough water to put out a fire entirely. Nevertheless, if you own a fire pump that has not yet been inspected and examined recurrently, it may prove useless in a fire emergency. In this regard, locating and using your fire extinguisher may turn out to be your most effective alternative to diffuse a fire that has emerged at your workplace. Besides, fire extinguishers are a compulsory requirement in all buildings other than homes, which makes them a reliable resource for containing small fires.  

Additionally, fire extinguishers are a cheaper investment even to smaller business that cannot afford to invest in costly precautionary measures. A fire emergency can result in irreversible damage, which can be prevented by installing several functional fire extinguishers. They are also a good backup plan in buildings whose fire sprinklers do not operate.  


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DIY: How to Restore and Repair Your House

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